Water Test, and improved bearing.


Water Tested at 12 V.

It was good to finally put the boat in the water.

The controller electronics were covered with a plastic container…and barely holding together with wires all over the place.

But the point was to test the shaft, motor and prop.

Happily, the shaft did not leak, and the boat ran fine at 12V.

I motored out to a mangrove island and back, a return trip of 400 Metres, with my cousin on board also.

After that, I decided to run it at 24V, For a brief moment I felt un-imaginable thrust, and then the controller blew up.

Over the next few days..

While Fixing the electronics and testing I discovered the bearing (Trailer roller bearing) had failed, it was squeeking and grinding like a piece of rubbish  It was never suitable for this application (high RPM).


I have replaced the bearing with a Deep groove sealed ball bearing (spec in the picture)

It just so happens that it fits nicely in a rubber hose coupling (65mm). So now the bearing assembly looks like this (see picture).



It runs ALOT smoother. The rubber hose coupling helps to absorb any vibration. And I believe it will improve the reliability of the bearing and all other parts (motor and shaft).


The whole thing fits together quite nicely.. There are 50mm pipe couplings pushed in to hold the bearing. These are clamped in place with the hose clamps. The shaft is held within the bearing by collar and screws into the shaft.

Ready for more water time.

A friend wants to go fishing, he has faith that the boat will safely take him fishing at night, and get him home as well.

Probably because he hasn’t seen the controller prototype.. a tangled mess of wires, and electrical tape…








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