Marine means expensive

I bought the Prop, ‘Solas Amita 3’


It is 9 10R  which means 9 inch diameter, is for a larger HP range ~15HP to 25HP, and may be too large, but there is a smaller model available that will fit the same shaft.

How do I know if it is too big ?. I will run the motor at an ideal RPM, something that it ‘likes’ and runs efficiently at (1500 RPM). At this rpm, the boat should be going an efficient hull speed (5 knots) and not pushing too much of a bow wave. If the boat is going too fast at this RPM.. the prop is too big. I think.

The guy at the shop was helpful after he realized I wasn’t in the market for a $600 prop (what a rip off) and from what I can gather there is no standard inboard installation, and marine means expensive. I intend to use parts from the mass market : Automotive. Same quality, lower cost.  Trailer bearings and seals are looking promising for the thrust bearing. Aluminum Alloy tube for the shaft. No worries…




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