Motor is ordered, batteries to follow

I have ordered the motor from GoldenMotor com..

It’s a HPM5000B 5kWatt, 48V with liquid cooling, a modest $600 including shipping.

I bought some electric bike wheels from these guys 10 years ago and had no problems, they were quite good. These motors really are quite simple,, as long as it has decent bearings I expect to get reliable life and ‘Monstrous’ power’ ! from it.


I have the Boat hull already,..and I took it for a drive with the original Outboard motor.. The trip reminded me why electric motors are great.. The petrol motor died a few times, (It is an 80s model Evinrude) and I had to battle wind and sand banks while trying to start it.. giving it choke, too much choke flooded a little bit..not enough choke. I swore at it more than once.


These will be Lithium Ion (Life) batteries, the latest and greatest.

A bank of 12, with a custom battery management system.


Also custom: A BLDC sensorless driver designed by me, specially for electric boats;

– Gradual speed ramp up,

– quick cut-out on over current (when prop jams on a sand bank or log)

– Sensorless (extra reliable)

– simple control: one switch for direction,  One Button speed control and stop.


that’s all for now, I’ll see how this new blog looks..





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